CDRA January Newsletter

CDRA 2020 January Newsletter


Hey all! We’ve got some pretty awesome updates for you in this newsletter. We have a new website, we have a list of the qualified teams for the 2020 Collegiate Drone Racing Championship, and we have our monthly track release for January.

Our CDRA website is finally done – I know, took way too long but… We think you’ll like it. It is designed for cross platform use and accessibility which means it’s not super flashy and instead is simple and gets the job done. As some of you may already know we also bought a new domain: Long story short, there are major website forwarding issues and it is not yet possible to reach the site by using that domain. Our hosting service is trying to get this resolved and they have an estimated resolution time of 2 days – let’s hope they stick to that.

In the meantime check out our new website here!!! (You’ll notice we have twitter and Instagram buttons – those aren’t connected yet. Coming soon!!!)

As this is a new website and the first hard launch – there definitely will be a few small bugs here and there. Please, if you see anything email us at or contact us on the Slack Chat.

In other news – we have finally gotten through all your submission videos and have a list of qualified schools and individual pilots. This list will be getting posted to the website in the next day or two.

  1. University of Texas San Antonio
  2. University of Alabama
  3. Virginia Tech
  4. UW Platteville
  5. Clemson University
  6. University of Central Florida
  7. Oregon State University
  8. Embry Riddle – Prescott
  9. Air Force Academy
  10. Wichita State University

Individual Qualifiers:

  1. Justin pool
  2. David Avery
  3. Kyle Rickert
  4. Alex Holt
  5. Michael Hunter

In addition, the top 3 teams, top 5 individual qualifiers, and top 5 individual overall from 2019 CDRC auto qualify for this years event. They are as follows (if not already listed):


  1. Erau Daytona

Ind. Qual:

  1. ENGINAIR  –  Patrick White
  2. SPARKYMJ – Michael Saalwaechter
  3. FLYING J – Jay Patel
  4. BOOMERANGFPV – Mark Bryan
  5. MILLENIAL FALCON – Jordan Krueger

Ind. Overall:

  1. Lincoln Black – aero_linc
  2. Garret Hausman – DontBreak
  3. Wesley Smithers – Joecool

We are looking to cap the number of competitors for the 2020 CDRC to 55 pilots. We think this will give the best amount of flying time per pilot, while still allowing plenty to compete, and having time for other events throughout the weekend. 

Finally – below is the January track. It’s short and sweet. Not much more to say about it. We WILL have an indoor flyable track release for February that will be our smallest track yet designed more for 3 inch quads as well as a normal 5″ track to encourage northern schools to qualify without being stuck in the cold weather. More info to come on that – stay tuned.

February will be the last month for submissions. That’s right – there WILL NOT BE any submissions accepted in March. We want pilots to know they are accepted plenty of time in advance to make travel arrangements.

Thanks for tuning in, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, etc… Reach us at and check out the website at

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