CDRA November Newsletter

November 2019 CDRA Newsletter

Hey all! This one is going to be short and sweet but  we still have a few important updates.

Our CDRA website design is unfortunately coming along slower than expected with a few unforeseen struggles – but it’s for a good reason. We’re giving it a complete makeover to pave the way for the growth of CDRA. I know there has been a lot of excitement for the new site – to be more realistic we are expecting a release at the start of next year (January 2020). In the meantime – please keep submitting times like you have been – we will continuously be migrating them into our new tracking system.

Second we are looking at best ways to implement CDRA regions to allow regional events. We think the best way is to pick some of the leading schools in CDRA that have been around since the beginning that span across the nation to be a regional leader. In order to make this happen WE NEED YOU to reach out to us if you know you can be one of these schools. Please email and have at least your club president and your club faculty advisor or school representative on the e-mail. We recognize that students graduate and move on and to ensure continuity, faculty need to get involved. You can expect a meeting to be setup with all potential regional leader schools by the end of November assuming you all reach out by then. 

Finally, the weather is getting colder up north giving southern schools a bit of a leg up. Take advantage of it by putting some times down on the November/December track. At least 5 schools can qualify on the track below. Expect a new and improved track coming for the January/February track release which uses more challenging obstacles

Thanks for tuning in, if you have any comments, questions, concerns, etc… Reach us at

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